We are investing to crypto and blockchain industry

Our goal is to hasten the evolution of a better financial system. We leverage our insights, network, and capital to establish and assist bitcoin and blockchain firms. Be the Moon...

About bMoon

Bmoon is an organization born and developed entirely by the community of crypto enthusiasts. We focus on supporting, developing the community and finding the best projects for the community.
These projects will help accelerate global adoption by providing new opportunities for people to connect and access blockchain. If you would like to support the community in any way possible, please do so or contact us for more information.

What We Do


With a strong founding team with diverse knowledge in finance, technology and funds. we are investing in early stage DeFi, NFT and Web 3.0 startups. We're not just about making money, but how a company succeeds then with a long run together.


With a network of millions of members on multiple social media platforms, we will bring blockchain companies closer to customers. In addition, many of bMoon's partners are major information channels to help promote the startup's products.


We have substantial industry knowledge and can assist our partners on product strategy, tokenomics, and marketing plans, among other things. We can also connect our investees with the relevant influencers and investors to help them further.


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